TAIPEI– The humble corner store plastic bag has actually never looked this good.

Asia’s in vogue trend has people posturing on social media wearing just plastic buying bags.

The fad began in Taiwan, where young Taiwanese ladies have actually been submitting pictures of themselves dressed in plastic bag “swimsuits.”

According to reports, a 27-year-old nightclub owner determined as Cheng-hsing took pictures of himself using tank-top variations of plastic bags as a joke and also uploaded them on a shut Facebook team called “Baoliao Gongshe.” The method then spread to various other Facebook profiles, with photos of women putting on bags from 7-Eleven, which has countless stores around Taiwan, proving especially prominent.

Some netizens have commended the individuals for increasing awareness with the dangers of non-recyclable materials. Others criticized them for uploading exposing pictures as well as dumbing down Taiwanese society.

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