Original Airdate: January 27, 2009

14 designers took part in the second season of Project Runway. They stayed in Ottawa, Ontario. For their first challenge, they were given the task of making a ground-breaking design with various camouflage prints, and the winner of the challenge would have their design displayed in the Canadian War Memorial Museum. While designing, Jaclyn, who suffers from chronic insomnia had a panic attack caused by lack of sleep. She was taken to the hospital and withdrew from the competition. The next day, Danio’s legs were in excruciating pain, and after a period of contemplation he also withdrew from the competition. On the runway show, Adejoké and Sunny’s design impressed, while Jason, Christie and Camille’s flopped. Camille was eliminated due to a lack of vision and technical skills. After three leave the competition, eleven designers remain.

Guest Judge: Joe Zee, Creative Director of Elle Magazine
Winner: Adejoké Taiwo
Eliminated: Camille Prins
Quit: Jaclyn Murray and Danio Frangella, for health reasons