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Kendall Jenner was showing off all of her assets at Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week Show – but before you all start thinking that Kendall was taking a cue from her older sister Kim Kardashian’s fully naked moment breaking the internet last year, let me be the one to fill you in here and let you know that Kendall’s tasteful and stylish sheer top was child’s play compared to sister Kim’s Paper magazine cover.
Kendall, who is quickly climbing the ranks in the modeling world, is officially Karl Lagerfeld’s new favorite, as he even recently referred to her as “the girl of the moment.” That said, it makes sense that we’d see Kendall strut her stuff on the Chanel runway, as she showed off her tummy and yes, her top was sheer was, as well. And I think we should all get used to seeing Kim little sister becoming a whole lot more than just that. In fact, Kendall revealed to the Cut magazine that sometimes when Kim is invited to shows that she’s walking in, she asks her not to come because her goal is to QUOTE “be high fashion,” and to “be taken seriously.” It makes sense that people on the outside would think much of her success has come as the result of her family connections, but Kendall says that what she has has QUOTE “almost worked against [her].”
Well, Kendall, I gotta say, it looks like you’re doing great – dominating on one of the world’s biggest runways, Chanel. And in Paris, no less. So what do you guys think of the 19 year old’s revealing look at Fashion Week? Hit us up below to weigh in and then click here to watch our breakdown of 7 things you might not already have known about Kendall Jenner. Feel free to tweet me any time, too – I’m @JoslynDavis! Thanks for watching and we’ll see you later.

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